A space for infinite creation.

From ideation to monetization, The Void empowers businesses & creators through intelligent and scalable Web3 solutions.

The void


The Void is a scalable, secure, and developer-friendly decentralized infrastructure, designed to be the foundation for the next generation of Web3 innovations that powers the real-world economy. 

We are the first NFT state-channel incubated and built on Constellation’s Hypergraph Network that allows real-world data and business logic to be assembled like Lego blocks with high flexibility and complexity to create smart Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) serve as the building blocks of advanced Web3 solutions, from enterprise-grade to everyday-life applications. 

What We Offer


Effortlessly launch a customized NFT Storefront for a primary sale that is in line with your unique branding and sell your L_0 NFTs in our secondary market.


"No code” NFT creation software that reduces the need for complex technical development. Using our minting service, creators will be able to rapidly deploy custom, purpose-driven NFTs that fit their specific business strategy.


Utilize our Void Gate Protocol to create exclusive NFT-gated communities, content, subscription services, and products for your NFT holders directly on your website. 


Integrate our marketplace services directly into your website or platform via our API. Businesses utilizing our service will be able to create new Web3 product offerings.



Inspired by our community, The Voidagers, we created The Voidager Epic, a fantastical tale of rediscovering humanity, through hope, bravery, and curiosity.

“The Cygnus Arm Sapien Collective would like to welcome you to the Astraeus Initiative, a special expeditionary endeavor for humanity.”

Our Team

Interested in partnership or have an idea for an NFT? We would love to hear it.


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