Making NFTs smart.

The Void is the first logic-scaling protocol for building NFT applications. 

The void

From Apes To Apps

The Void is an infrastructure solution for the future of advanced NFT apps — mini software programs that live on-chain as NFTs. Our mission is to elevate existing NFT communities across ecosystems and create a new market for NFTs as SaaS applications.

Non-Fungible Gadget Protocol

Non-Fungible Gadget Protocol (NFGP) is the first logic-scaling solution for advanced app enablement, allowing developers to build custom dynamic and programmable NFT applications.

Data-Type Library

NFGP allows data-type modules to be assembled like Lego blocks to create NFT apps. Different combinations of data-types can proliferate into endless different use-cases while maintaining high security standards.

Innovate to Earn

Our open-source data-type library allows for community participation in the addition of new data-type modules. Developers will receive royalties each time their data-type creations are used to build a new NFT or application.


NFGP processes secure data-types from our open-source library


Add unique configurations into your NFT application with custom logic


Different combinations of custom data-types can result in endless possible use-cases


Zero network fees and lighting fast transactions


Build smart-NFT applications using your preferred stack/programming language


Our network is highly energy efficient

the portal​

A space of infinite possibilities.

All-in-one portal that allows users to discover and access NFT-based applications.



We believe in the power of community that gives life to the ecosystem. To capture the true essence of a stakeholder DAO, the Void uses a very unique governance model in which each individual contribution adds to the overall growth and expansion of the Void.

“The Cygnus Arm Sapien Collective would like to welcome you to the Astraeus Initiative, a special expeditionary endeavor for humanity.”

Our Team

Interested in partnership or have an idea for an NFT? We would love to hear it.